Forehead Strap Face Shield, 100/Pack

General Medical Devices, Inc.Item Number: AP-FACESHIELD-USA
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Size: Adult
Sale price$139.80


Infection-control face shields offer reliable, affordable protection for doctors, nurses and COVID-19 patients. These are key pieces of PPE used by front-line healthcare staff to defend virus-containing droplets that are spread by patients through coughing and sneezing.

Proudly manufactured in the USA from recyclable PGTE.

  • Environmentally responsible 
  • 8X11" design delivers reliable facial protection
  • Polyester headband ensures a safe, secure fit
  • Fits comfortably over glasses and goggles
  • Defends against harmful fluid splashes and spray
  • Individually bagged in space-saving packaging
  • Transparent for optically clear vision
  • Lightweight design provides maximum comfort

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