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AED Professionals is a leading dealer for Medtronic / Physio-Control, Philips, Defibtech, HeartSine and Zoll  AED External Defibrillators for home, public and professional use. AED Professionals offers a complete line of manual and automated external defibrillators that are safe, easy to use and designed to help improve survival outcomes wherever and whenever sudden cardiac arrest occurs.  We offer you guaranteed low price on call in orders & best personal service.  Please call us toll free anytime 24/7. Low Pricing:  Since its beginning in 2002, it has been AED Professionals goal to provide their customers with the very best value on the equipment they purchase from the company.  A considerable number of our defibrillator manufacturers enforce M.A.P. or "Minimum Advertised Price" policy on the products they manufacture, dictating the minimum price that any authorized dealer may publish on its website.  But, since we are committed to providing the very best value to our customers, we assure you, you will save money by calling AED Professionals sales representatives AED Professionals also accepts bid requests: especially for multiple-item orders and Package-deals so as to let you compare pricing of the similar products offered elsewhere.  Our aim is to save you money and time. Period.  




General Medical Devices offers a full line of Automated External Defibrillators, GE Marquette MAC Interpretive ECG EKG Machines, Dash Monitors, Carescape V100 vital signs monitors and GE Case Stress Test Systems with T-2100 Treadmill and other diagnostic tools.

We offer liberal discounts on all Orders and a Low Price Guarantee


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        HeartSine Samaritan

        Defibtech Lifeline AED

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  ECG/ EKG Machines

    GE MAC 800 EKG / ECG

    GE MAC 1200 ECG/ EKG

    GE MAC 1600 Digital ECG EKG

    GE MAC 3500 EKG / ECG

    GE MAC 5500 EKG / ECG

  Patient Monitors


    DASH 2500

    DASH 3000

    DASH 4000 PRO

    DASH 5000

  Pulse Oximeters

  GE TuffSat Handheld Oximeter

  GE Ohmeda TruSat Oximeter

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  Corometrics Fetal   Monitor

  Mars Ambulatory Ecg

  Ge Seer Light Extend Recorder

  Cardioday Analysis Software 

  Ge Cardioday Holter Recorder



























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